chiiyo86 (chiiyo86) wrote in spn_gen_bigbang,

Side B

Title: Side B
Author: chiiyo86
Artist: wataru_kisugi
Rating: PG13
Warnings: none
Word Count: 25,000 words

Summary: AU. After her husband's death, Mary Winchester tried to do her best for her sons: she taught them how to defend themselves against the monsters that go bump in the night, but tried keep them out of hunting and give as normal a life as possible. But while Sam has followed her mother’s wishes and gone to college, Dean has become a hunter and he and Mary haven’t talked in years. A hunt brings the family together and forces them to confront the past.

AKA, the AU where some people who are dead aren’t, and some people who aren’t dead are.

Notes: I thought I would never be able to finish this fic! I'm glad I managed to do it, although I will let you be the judges of whether the result was worth the struggle. I'm very grateful to my artist, wataru_kisugi for her enthusiasm for the fic and her hard work on the art - please don't forget to check her post and leave her comments! Thank you also to bellatemple for her thorough beta work. This fic owes a lot to those two people.

Tags: character:mary, genre:au (canon), genre:case!fic

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