Jaelijn (jaelijn) wrote in spn_gen_bigbang,

Fields of Gold

Title: Fields of Gold
Author: jaelijn
Artist: twisted_slinky
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: non-graphic torture, show-level violence and swearing
Word Count: 16,676

Summary: After Castiel followed his commander Anael into rebellion, supporting her as second-in-command and standing against both Michael and Lucifer, he never doubted that his choice had been the right one, even if he disliked the term "assassin" that followed him like a shadow. He certainly didn't expected the task to kill the Vessels, the two humans whose death would bring the Apocalypse to a halt once and for all, to affect his loyalties in any way...

Notes: A huge thanks to septembers_coda for the beta! Inspired by this gif set.
Tags: character:castiel, character:gabriel, genre:au (canon), rating:pg-13, season:4, season:5, torture

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