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Writer Sign-Ups

Schedule for Writers
July 1st – Sign-ups open
September 1st – Story rough drafts due*
September 3rd – Story claims
September 22nd – Mandatory check in
October 2nd – Posting date claims
October 6th – Posting begins

*This is also the last date to sign-up as a writer, but if you think you might be playing, please do sign-up earlier so we have an idea of how many folks might be sending in stories.

Mini bangs are 5 to 14K. Big bangs are 15K+. It's no problem if your mini ends up growing to a big or if your big doesn’t end up as long as you thought. You have until rough drafts are due to change your story’s length status.

No matter how rough, you must be ready to send your artist a copy of your story that’s far enough along for them to work with as soon as your story is claimed. This is a collaborative project and you should remain in contact with your artist for the duration of the project.

To sign up, comment to this post with the below info:

<b>LJ Username:</b>
<b>Mini or Big Bang:</b>
<b>Any story thoughts you’d like to share:</b>

You’re in no way committed to the length of story or any ideas you share here. The length is just to give a rough estimate of how many folks are planning what, and the story thought sharing is just for fun.

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ or contact reapertownusa via PM or by email at reapertownusa at gmx dot com.
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