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Podficcer Sign-Ups

Schedule for Podficcers
July 1st – Sign-ups open
September 1st – Last date to sign-up and submit a summary of the story you’re recording
September 3rd – Story claims*
September 22nd – Mandatory check in
October 2nd – Posting date claims
October 6th – Posting begins

*A summary of the story you are recording will be posted at story claims for an artist to select for cover art.

You can record any gen story that is 5K+ and should get permission from the author before doing so if the story is not your own. If you don’t like asking, check out our Podfic Permission Granting Post for stories authors have already offered up for podficcing.

This is a collaborative challenge and you should stay in contact with the artist who is creating your cover art.

To sign up, comment to this post with the following info:

<b>LJ Username:</b>
<b>Any additional info:</b>

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ or contact reapertownusa via PM or by email at reapertownusa at gmx dot com.
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