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FAQ for the 2014 Round

If you don't find the answer to all of your burning questions (or even the boring ones) here, don't hesitate to either post your question in the comments or send a PM directly to reapertownusa. This post will be updated as questions are received.


~ Writers ~

How long does my story have to be?
We accept stories big and small. The minimum length is 5K. There is no upper limit.

What's the difference between a mini and a big bang?
Artists are required to do at least two pieces of art for a big bang and one for a mini, though they may choose to do more for either length.

For the purposes of this challenge, we consider 5 to 14K a mini bang and 15K+ to be a big bang. You'll be asked which you're writing at sign-up, but can change your answer any time prior to rough draft submission. After you have an artist, you can still write a longer story, your artist just isn't obligated to do additional art.

Can I write a sequel?
Yes you can! If you’re writing a sequel to a story that is not gen, your sequel does have to be able to stand alone, which is a good idea regardless to help draw in artists who may be intimated by having to read multiple stories.

Can I use a WIP?
Indeed! It's preferred that it's an un-posted or at least old WIP that hasn't been recently updated, but if the incentive of art is enough to get you to finish that gen fic you've been stuck on then bring it on!

Can I collaborate with another writer?
Most definitely! Co-written stories are quite welcome.

Do I need a beta reader?
Your story does need to be beta read before final posting. For those who need a beta, we will have a beta listing. You can also post beta requests at spn_beta and spn_betas.

Is my rough draft far enough along to submit?
Your rough draft doesn't have to be perfect nor does it have to be at the minimum word count, but you need to have enough written out for an artist to start work as soon as your story is claimed. And, of course, you need to be certain that you can finish the story by the time posting begins. What that means is going to be different for everyone.

You know how fast you write and how much time you have far better than I do. If you tell me you can finish in time, I'll believe you. Once. We don't want any artists stuck with unfinished stories come posting day. If you fail to complete a story that was submitted for artist claims, you will have to submit a final draft next round in order to be eligible for claims.

How do I submit my rough draft?
A post with full instructions will be posted closer to the due date, but essentially you will email reapertownusa at gmx dot com an email with your username, story summary that you want posted at claims and your rough draft attached. Rough drafts must be received by 11:59PM PST on the rough draft due date. If you will be out of town when rough drafts are due, send in your story early so you don't miss out on artist claims.


~ Writers and Podficcers ~

Seriously, what is gen?
Here we’re defining gen as no romantic pairings. There can be background relationships or sexual content – e.g. the boys can be on a case helping a sweet old married couple with a poltergeist in their attic or trying to rid a BDSM club of a vengeful spirit. However, the boys, or whoever your main characters may be, should be single and we shouldn't be seeing a NC-17 blow by blows of the action in the club...or the nice old couple's bedroom. Let's just draw the curtain on that one.

Dean can still hook up with random chicks, but any sexual encounter should be a background event as portrayed in the series, preferably speaking to Dean as a character or serving as a trigger for a larger event in the story. Likewise, Sam can be attacked by a succubus, but the story should focus on the hunt for it or hurt/comfort in response to the assault, not on the physical details of the attack itself.

In summary, the boys can take their pants off and other people can be in relationships, but stick to an R rating or lower. Give us a delicious story focused on the plot and characters and you'll be good to go.

What about crossovers?
This challenge is primarily Supernatural and that’s what most artists here will be looking for, but if you have an undeniable hankering for a crossover or fusion that primarily focuses on the boys or other Supernatural characters, then go for it. Just be aware that it could be harder to place your story come claims day.

Can my story be AU?
It most certainly may. All levels of AUs are welcome so long as you stick to the canon characters.

What about RPF?
This is a Supernatural 'verse only big bang so your story needs to feature canon characters from the series rather than the actors from the show with the exception of stories focused around 'The French Mistake' in which case it should still be the fictional version of the actors as portrayed in that episode.

Does the story have to be about Sam and Dean?
Definitely not. The boys don't even have to be in your story so long as you're writing in the Supernatural 'verse and your story stars a canon character from the series.

Can I do art and a story/podfic?
You can't do art for your own story (although, you are welcome to record it yourself), but as long as you have the time, you're more than welcome to sign up for any combination of artist, writer or podficcer.

Can I choose my own artist?
No you may not. The anticipation and surprise of seeing who you'll be working with is part of the fun of big bangs. If you want to handpick your artist, there are comms that you can post requests to. Here, the artists choose the story they will be creating art for based on your provided summary.

What if I don't like my artist's style?
There is a chance that you might not like the style of art, but you may not request a different artist on account of style. Every artist will do their best to create beautiful art for your story. An artist doesn't want to hear that you don't like their style anymore than you'd want to hear that they don't like your writing style.

What if there are more writers/podficcers than artists?
There will be and that's okay. There will be an initial round of claims where every artist picks one story then there will be subsequent rounds of claims until everyone has an artist.


~ Podficcers ~

How long does my podfic have to be?
There is no requirement for how many minutes/hours your podfic has to be. The only guideline is that the story you're recording has to be at least 5K.

Do I need author's permission to record a story?
Yes, but they'll more than likely be delighted to hear from you. If you don't like asking and don't already have a story in mind, check out our Podfic Permission Granting Post, which lists stories authors here have already given permission to be podficced for this challenge.

What if the author is no longer active in fandom?
If the story you want to record is from an author who is no longer reachable then you will need to select a different story for this challenge, but luckily there is an endless supply of amazing stories from active authors to choose from.

Can I record a podfic of a story being written for the current round?
You're most certainly welcome to work with an author submitting their story for the current round of this challenge. However, do keep in mind that you may be left with a very short recording window unless you're working with a very fast writer. If you do record a story that's posted here after the fact, do drop me a line and we'll add the link to the round's master post list besides the fic.

Do I have to submit a rough draft?
Podfic rough drafts will not be required for this round, but you do have to check in with your progress on the mandatory check-in date. The majority of your recording should be finished by that time.

Do I need a beta listener?
While it certainly never hurts, it is not required for this challenge.


~ Artists ~

What do artists do?
You make the magic happen. Once story rough drafts are turned in there will be a claims post in which you get to pick the story you would like to make art for based off the provided summaries. Graphics, illustrations, manips and videos are all welcome.

How much art do I have to create?
Your author will appreciate as much quality work as you can do in the time provided. The minimum for a mini bang is one piece, two pieces for big bangs and a podcover for podfics.

Can I create a fanmix?
For legal reasons, we do not allow the posting of fanmixes that include the distribution of music files, but suggested play lists are of course fine as long as they're accompanied by visual art.

What about videos?
You're welcome to do a fan video for your chosen story as long as also create banner art for your author to display along with their story. If you're a vidder only we'd still love to have you. Just contact the mod, reapertownusa, prior to claims. In that case, you can claim a story and we'll also leave that story open to be claimed by a graphic artist who can make the accompanying banner art for you.

Can I do art for more than one story?
Absolutely! We will need some artists to do art for more than one story and if you would be available for that, or pinch hitting in the case an artist drops outs, then you would be the hero!

Can I write a story/read a podfic and do art?
You can't do art for your own story, but as long as you have the time, you're more than welcome to sign up for any combination of artist, writer or podficcer.
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