Reaper (reapertownusa) wrote in spn_gen_bigbang,

Podfic Permission Granting Post

This next round will also be open to podficcers  - awesome folks who lend their talented voices to perform audio versions of fics - if you wrote a fic in any of the previous rounds and would be open to having it podficced, please comment here with a link to your story. Also, if you have any other gen stories in either the mini bang (5 to 14K) or big bang (15K+) lengths then feel free to offer those up as well.

Writers - there are no guarantees that your fic will be podficced. We just want to make it easy for the podficcers to find some lovely delights to work with. Podficcers - this is not a blanket permission post. Offerings here apply only to this particular challenge unless the author explicitly states otherwise.

Now go forth and share the podficcing love!

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