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reapertownusa in spn_gen_bigbang

Story Claims

The time has finally come! Below are the summaries available for claiming. Just comment to this post with the number you want - you can list up three choices - and I’ll reply with your magic number. Artist sign-ups are open until the last story is claimed so if you see something you want, but haven’t signed up yet, don’t be afraid to jump in.

Any stories not claimed in the first twenty-four hours will move on to round two of claims where artists can take home an additional story. Claims will continue in that manner until every story has a home.

The artist/author match-up reveals post will go up as soon as all the stories have been claimed, but authors, you are welcome to contact your artist as soon as they claim you.

Now go forth and claim!

~~~ Mini ~~

Mini #1

Title: Begin in Innocence
Rating: R
Warnings: Themes of child molestation and abuse (nothing explicitly shown), non-con molestation of an adult (not graphic), general themes of sexual trauma

Summary: Sam knows something is up when Dean rushes them out of town to investigate missing children reports with no apparent supernatural connection. He only becomes more suspicious when Dean refuses to talk about it and tries to ditch him at every turn of the investigation. 

Dean has every intention of closing the case on his own. He knows the children are dead and he knows first hand what they endured before their deaths. He's spent nearly twenty years regretting that he hadn't killed the monster responsible when he'd had the chance and is determined that his brother never finds out. 

When Sam does some investigating of his own, he realizes too late the depth of what Dean is hiding. Dean is abducted by his  abuser and forced to relive the past, leaving Sam to pick up the pieces and prove to Dean that he is neither defined by nor responsible for what was done. 

Takes place early Season 2 with a flashback to 1987 wee!chesters. Hurt!Dean, loads of h/c - Dean being wrapped in a blanket and carried by Sam, brotherly cuddles and the like.


Mini #5

Title: One Step to the Edge (and one step back)
Word count: 5k currently. Expected 7k-9k.
Rating: R
Spoilers: Post-Purgatory. It's set after Season 7 finale, but no spoilers about S8 are part of the story.

Summary: After a hunt changes their lives, the boys are left to deal with the fall out. Except this time they have to cope with the changes that Dean missing an arm entitles, the strains it causes in their relationship, and re-learn everything that defines them as hunters while they're on the run from the King of Hell. Hurt! Dean, some hurt!Sam. Return of a beloved object. Hurt/comfort. Action. Lots of angst.

Touching carefully this time, his fingers grace the Ace bandage covering part of his chest. Moving down his upper arm, and that probably would be going down to the rest of his arm. Except, there isn't anything else past where his elbow should be. Nothing. Emptiness meets his fingers, and when he goes back up, he feels the end of his upper arm and the bandage padded with gauze.


Mini #7

Title: The Dark Wind: Nihighan (working title)

Summary: John wants safety for his sons at all costs; Sam wants answers after losing Jess and reading Mary's journal; and Dean just wants his family back. But when Thousand Books has a vision that leads the brothers back to Lawrence, it puts them on a collision course between ancient taboos and unexpected discoveries that may leave all three Winchesters wondering whether any of their desires can be fulfilled. (This is basically the Dinéchesters version of "Home," with a number of twists necessitated by Navajo traditions.)

Characters: Diné!John (played by Ray Tracey), Diné!Dean, Diné!Sam, Missouri, Ghost!Mary (Sam Smith); OCs: Joe Winchester, Emily Winchester, Amá Sání Chee, Chris Begay (can't promise Aggie the Wonder Horse yet, but she might stick her nose in...)


Mini #12

Title: Zombies Walk In Our Stead
Word count: 7k (I might double that in the end, but I'm still submitting for mini to lower the pressure)

Summary: Self-sacrifice is as much a part of the Winchester family business as guns and salt. What if Dean wasn't the first of the brothers to make a deal for the other one's life? During a cold winter when Sam's fourteen, Dean gets sick. He's about to die when Sam gets approached by a demon and makes a deal similar to the one Mary made for John: Dean lives, and the demons get to call in a favor in ten years time.

After the deal is made, the timeline gets reset and Sam forgets it ever happened. Fast forward ten years. Dean is in hell, Sam's alone, desperate enough to try and barter away his own soul to get him back, and one of the demons he tries to pitch it to drops a hint Sam can't make sense of at first... (Set in pre-series, Sam's summer alone after S3, S4 and S6/7. Ruby will be present, obviously. H/C in regards to Dean's illness pre-series and both boy's hell issues, although Dean may feature more heavily. The story is told from Sam's POV. And just so I'm not accused of false advertising: there are no actual Zombies in this story, the title is ~metaphorical. XD)


~~ Big Bangs ~~

Big #5

Title::: Take My Hand, Rescue Me

Warnings::: Hurt!Sam, Hurt!Dean, Catatonic!Dean, Bad Father!John, Child Abuse - mostly in the form of verbal and neglect, Mentions of 9-yr-old Dean in diapers, Mild Gore, Foul Language, Author's complete suck at summaries.

Summary::: This is an AU Wee!chester fic. It begins when Dean is nine and thus Sammy is five.

With John off on another hunt, something evil attacks Sammy - and Dean - on Dean's watch. It leaves Sam half-dead, and Dean shattered. While Sam heals, John holds a grudge against his eldest and sends an already fragile Dean into a catatonic state.
Nearly eighteen months full of doctors and treatments go by, however the only small changes that come in Dean's condition are through the patient and persistent care of his younger brother.

After putting hunting on hold for close to two years, John goes back to it, this time leaving a seven-year-old Sam in charge of his invalid brother. It doesn't take long for DHS to get called in. Barely managing to get off with a warning, John takes the boys and hits the road with them - where he eventually crosses paths with Bobby Singer.
Bobby's always held his tongue when it came to John's boys, but with the new turn of events - and witnessing the state of the boys first hand - he's not about to let things continue on.

Bobby ends up the enemy of the older Winchester...and the guardian to the two younger ones.

Some scenes in the story that bring up strong visuals for me would include:
~ Dean 9, Sammy 5, putting away groceries.
~ Dean draped over Sammy's bloodied body after the attack.
~ Sammy getting Dean to eat for the first time in the hospital - feeding him chocolate pudding.
~ Sammy taking Dean's hand and leading him everywhere.
~ Bobby looking through the diner window, hasn't seen the boys in years, and horrified to see an eleven-year-old Dean a thin and pale shell of his former self.
~ John saying goodbye to his sons in the diner parking lot, Bobby watching on with a tear in his eye.
~ Bobby holding Sam - the boy hugging him tightly - in the kitchen while running a hand through Dean's hair.
~ Bobby grocery shopping with Dean - Dean in the rear basket of a shopping cart, covered in groceries.
~ Sam, Dean, and Uncle Bobby all having a picnic down by the pond.

This story will eventually be part of a Verse, but can indeed stand on its own.


Big #8

Title: The Rest is Still Unwritten
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, brief John, OCs and mentions of Bobby, Pastor Jim, Caleb and Joshua
Spoilers: Largely based around 5.04, so spoilers for season 5.
Warnings: Language, blood, zombies (because zombies totally deserve a warning)
Disclaimer: Only the OCs belong to me and for the most part they have made it clear that they have voices of their own.

Summary: The Winchesters’ fates have been written out for them since before they were born, but when Sam’s first hunt isn’t what it should be, the timeline between what is written and what has yet to be is shattered. Sam is dropped into an uncertain future where the world is much different than the one he left behind. A hunt for his brother leads him to some unexpected revelations. What is the secret Dean is hiding from him, and do all roads really lead to the same destination?

What’s unwritten can be changed, but once it’s written it stays the same.


Big #11

Summary: The bond of the Winchesters proves to be their saving grace and their downfall. As Dean and John investigate a hunt near Stanford, Sam finds himself falling neck deep into the same hunt himself. Can he really say goodbye to John and Dean again? Is escaping hunting all together even possible?


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This was such a tough decision!

1) Big #6 Title: The Glass Vial
2) Big #8 Title: The Rest is Still Unwritten
3) Big #4 Title: Gimme Shelter
Oooh, you had two of my faves and 'The Rest is Still..." was a serious contender too!
My pickeroonis!

First choice: Mini #10—This Far, No Further
Second choice: Big #4—Gimme Shelter
Third choice: Big 6—The Glass Vial
Mini #10—This Far, No Further is yours!
1st choice: Mini #8 The Stores Are All Closed
2nd choice: Mini #11 With A Word She Can Get What She Came For
3rd choice: Mini #12 Zombies Walk In Our Stead
Mini #8 The Stores Are All Closed is yours!

1) Big #12 Wild West Jason Bourne with Demons and Douchbag Gods
2) Mini # 3 Working title: In the Blood Red Dust
3) Mini #10 This far, No Further
Big #12 Wild West Jason Bourne with Demons and Douchbag Gods is all yours!
1. Big Bang #12 Sequel to The Art of Pulling Pie from Thin Air
2. Mini Bang #10 This Far, No Further

Tough decision here, too, but the stories chosen above helped making my final pick.

Edited at 2012-09-03 07:04 pm (UTC)
Oh no, both those have already been snagged - have another yummy you'd like to try?
I want Mini #4, Not by Half!!
And have it you shall - Mini #4, Not by Half is all yours!
Big bang # 7 please... or #1, if that's already taken
Big bang # 7 is all yours!
Big #3 - Title: Damn Nuisance When It's Raining
Mini #3 - Working title: In the Blood Red Dust
Big #3 - Title: Damn Nuisance When It's Raining is all yours!
Mini#3 Has that been taken?
Working title: In the Blood Red Dust
Can I have Mini #6 - Structurally Unsound, please? :)
You may! Mini #6 - Structurally Unsound is all yours!
1.) Big #4 Gimme Shelter
2.) Mini #1 Begin in Innocence
3.) Big #2 Between Shadow and Light

(If it's still available tomorrow, or whenever 2nd claims open, I might snatch Between Shadow and Light, but would that conflict with the fact that I'm a story beta for it? I wasn't sure, so I thought I should ask.)
1.) Big #4 Gimme Shelter is all yours!

And no, that'd be fine. Technically, this is supposed to be all anonymous and such, but we're really only semi-anonymous and um...I'm doing the art for one of the fics I beta read for spn_hardcore_bb so it would be hard for me to say it was against the rules ;) But thanks so much for asking!
Mini #2, The Favourite Son, please?
*crosses fingers*
Finger crossing worked - Mini #2, The Favourite Son is all yours!
It's official, I lost my mind...

Big #1 All the Streets Are Empty (and the Cars on Fire), if it wasn't claimed already.
But you lost it in such a beautiful way and Big #1 All the Streets Are Empty (and the Cars on Fire) is all yours!
I haven't signed up as artist (yet) but I'd like Big 10 ''You've Done All the Things That Could Kill You Somehow'
Thanks! Got your sign-up and Big 10 ''You've Done All the Things That Could Kill You Somehow' is all yours!
Also not signed up as an artist, but since the other BB I was signed up for seems to have gone rather quiet, I'll take Big #9: True North please!
Excellent! Big #9: True North is all yours!
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