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Challenge Intro

Welcome! If you like creative collaboration and writing, recording or creating art for stories that stick to platonic brotherly love then you've found the right place. Sign-ups are currently open for the 2014 round and all the SPN characters are invited.

July 1st – Sign-ups open
September 1st – Story rough drafts due
September 3rd – Story claims
September 22nd – Mandatory check in
October 2nd – Posting date claims
October 6th – Posting begins

If you'd like to play along, we'd love to have you! Just sign up at the appropriate sign-up post:
Artist Sign-Ups
Podficcer Sign-Ups
Writer Sign-Ups

If you're a podficcer looking for a story to record for the challenge, check out our Podfic Permission Granting Post for gen stories that authors have already offered up for podficcing.

Still got questions? Check out the FAQ.

Master posts for previous rounds:
2011 Big Bangs
2012 Mini and Big Bangs
2013 Mini and Big Bangs

Some of these wonderful stories can also be found at our AO3 collection.


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