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  • sw0rdy

You've Done All the Things That Could Kill You Somehow

Title: You've Done All the Things That Could Kill You Somehow
Author: sw0rdy
Artists: thruterryseyes and siennavie
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Bad language, extremely traumatised!Dean, caring!Sam.
Word Count: 24,289

Author's Notes: This fic has history, which I feel the need to explain. It started in the season 7 hiatus as a fill on mad_server's Season 7 Finale Meme for a prompt left by i_speak_tongue who requested Sam busting Dean loose from Purgatory with a ritual, which initially he thinks hasn't worked until he gets a phone call from the other side of the world. She requested 'terribly banged up Dean' and a reunion scene so I started writing and forgot to stop. I hope I produced something that filled the prompt adequately, even if it's several years too late.

Since the fic seemed to be growing into something of a reasonable length I decided to work on it for the 2012 spn_gen_bigbang. It got claimed, but suffered an artist malfunction and has languished on my hard drive ever since. When it was re-submitted this year, I was thrilled that not one, but two amazing artists stepped up as pinch hitters. Their art... well, you've just gotta see it. I'm in their debt for the incredible pieces they've done for this fic, as well as being utterly lovely to work with. Please, please, please stop by at their masterposts to view the full-sized art and show them your appreciation.

Thank you also to the wonderful rince1wind who betaed it what seems like a lifetime ago. After some last-minute alterations, any remaining errors are mine. Title is taken from 'Life Starts Now' by Three Days Grace. Feedback is always massively appreciated and, due to the length of time since I first wrote it, there's now a prequel and two sequels that will appear at some point in the future.

Summary: After eventually finding a ritual that worked, Sam has sprung Dean from Purgatory, but there are a couple of problems: one, Dean's re-appeared in an alleyway in London and two, he's so broken physically and mentally that he's been classed as a 'vulnerable adult' and has been placed under the guardianship of Social Services. When Sam arrives at the hospital he quickly realises that broken bones are the least of his worries...

Part 1 | Part 2 |Part 3 |Part 4 | Part 5 |ART MASTER POST - thruterryseyes | ART MASTER POST - siennavie

hogan's heroes

Splinters in the Windmills of Your Mind

Title: Splinters in the Windmills of Your Mind (SPN/A-Team [TOS])
Author: San Antonio Rose (ramblin_rosie)
Artist: dollarformyname
Rating: PG
Warnings: Murdock POV.
Word Count: 12,206

Summary: One of Sam's (and then Cas') fellow patients in the mental hospital is none other than Capt. HM Murdock, who's not as crazy as even he believes. When things get wild after Sam and Dean unlock the Leviathan tablet, they bring HM with them to Whitefish, where the other surviving members of the A-Team eventually meet and join forces with what's left of Team Free Will. Together, can they keep Kevin safe and take down SucroCorp and Dick Roman?

Notes: Approx. 25 years post-series for The A-Team, AU from "Reading Is Fundamental" for SPN; assumes that Season 6 begins in 2011. Title from the Carol Burnett Show sketch about playing Sorry. (See the fic master post for more commentary!)

Story Master Post | Art Master Post

Side B

Title: Side B
Author: chiiyo86
Artist: wataru_kisugi
Rating: PG13
Warnings: none
Word Count: 25,000 words

Summary: AU. After her husband's death, Mary Winchester tried to do her best for her sons: she taught them how to defend themselves against the monsters that go bump in the night, but tried keep them out of hunting and give as normal a life as possible. But while Sam has followed her mother’s wishes and gone to college, Dean has become a hunter and he and Mary haven’t talked in years. A hunt brings the family together and forces them to confront the past.

AKA, the AU where some people who are dead aren’t, and some people who aren’t dead are.

Notes: I thought I would never be able to finish this fic! I'm glad I managed to do it, although I will let you be the judges of whether the result was worth the struggle. I'm very grateful to my artist, wataru_kisugi for her enthusiasm for the fic and her hard work on the art - please don't forget to check her post and leave her comments! Thank you also to bellatemple for her thorough beta work. This fic owes a lot to those two people.

hogan's heroes

Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie

Title: Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie
Author: San Antonio Rose (ramblin_rosie)
Artist: twisted_slinky
Rating: PG
Warnings: Brief spoilers for 9.23, none for Season 10
Word Count: 18,969

Summary: Cas has no intention of letting Sam rot in the Cage, but even before the surviving members of Team Free Will leave Stull Cemetery, Cas receives a plea from the future that sends him on a very different path from the one he'd planned to follow. Can Cas keep his promise and still help Dean keep his pledge to pursue the apple-pie life with Lisa and Ben?

Notes: Ahaha, and I thought this one was going to be short.... Many thanks to super-beta jennytork!

Story Master Post | Art Master Post
Blue pentagram

I don't think the world is sold (I'm just doing what we're told)

Title:I don't think the world is sold (I'm just doing what we're told)
Author: caranfindel
Artist: matchboximpala
Rating: R for language
Warnings: Language you can't use on the CW, show-level darkness, overuse of run-on sentences
Word Count: 11,400
Summary: After Sam jumps into the cage with Lucifer, Dean would do anything to undo it. What happens when he is given that opportunity? Written for the 2014 spn_gen_bigbang, and also fills the "dark" square on my bingo card for spnspiration

Story Post | Art Masterpost

bad machinery

(no subject)

Title: The Wild Ones
Author: katzenspn
Artist: dollarformyname
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, drug use, cigarette use, bad language

Word Count: 57,423

Summary: Castiel Novak, runaway, manages to find the wrong guy to pickpocket: a rogue angel of the Lord. The angel tells him that he can keep the world from ending, but only if he is willing to return to the family he ran away from and face off against angels and demons, including his angel's own righteously pissed off older brother.

Castiel can believe in angels, demons, Heaven and Hell, the Apocalypse and everything in between. But believing that someone like him could have a hand in saving the world...that's harder.

Notes: Thanks to the amazing steeplechasers for the beta. More acknowledgements in the master posts.

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*SPN* Supernatural
  • jaelijn

Fields of Gold

Title: Fields of Gold
Author: jaelijn
Artist: twisted_slinky
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: non-graphic torture, show-level violence and swearing
Word Count: 16,676

Summary: After Castiel followed his commander Anael into rebellion, supporting her as second-in-command and standing against both Michael and Lucifer, he never doubted that his choice had been the right one, even if he disliked the term "assassin" that followed him like a shadow. He certainly didn't expected the task to kill the Vessels, the two humans whose death would bring the Apocalypse to a halt once and for all, to affect his loyalties in any way...

Notes: A huge thanks to septembers_coda for the beta! Inspired by this gif set.
Dean sepia
  • sw0rdy

Read Him Like a Book

Title: Read Him Like a Book
Author: sw0rdy
Artist: thruterryseyes
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Bad language, show level violence.
Word Count: 21,303
Author's Notes: Thank you to the wonderful thruterryseyes for also acting as beta. After some last-minute alterations, any remaining errors are mine. She's been an incredible artist to work with and has made this a wonderful Big Bang experience! Thank you also to reapertownusa for organising the whole thing and just for being a lovely person. :)

Summary:“Dean, I need to ask you something and I want you to promise that you’ll tell me the truth. Can you read and write?”

Sam is looking at him again and he realises that all his years of running and hiding have come to an end here, with Sam and a promise and a question.

Set in Season 1, canon AU. In the aftermath of his father’s disappearance and Jess’s death, Sam is stunned to discover his brother’s darkest secret: Dean is completely illiterate. As they re-establish their relationship during the hunt for their father and the yellow-eyed demon, Sam tries to persuade Dean of his worth and that it’s never too late to learn...

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Part 1 | Part 2 |Part 3 |Fragments (An Epilogue) | ART MASTER POST

hogan's heroes

Singer & Winchester's Home for Wayward Hunters 2: Blood and Kin

Title: Singer & Winchester's Home for Wayward Hunters 2: Blood and Kin
Author: Enola Jones (jennytork) and San Antonio Rose (ramblin_rosie)
Artist: m14mouse
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Whumped!Sam. Brief spoilers for several Season 9 eps; none for Season 10
Word Count: 13,680

Summary:The Home's routine is shattered by a literal blast from the past--but Henry Winchester's training by Cuthbert Sinclair turns out to offer more protection than anyone expected. And when the family heads out to investigate the mysterious artifact Henry carries, they find that the Men of Letters' secrets may hold the key to putting the final nail in the coffin of Azazel's plan for Sam.

Notes: Background Sam/Jess. Also, FYI: There's a plot point in this story that was pure speculation when we wrote the story over the summer but has become something of a bone of contention in fandom during Season 10. Please don't think we're taking a side here--besides, it's AU anyway.

Story Master Post | Art Master Post